Performance Support for the 21st Century

Our Product

Advanced Performance Support (APS) is a next generation training solution that allows the users to create and store procedural based micro learnings. Whether you purchased a new state of the art piece of equipment and want to capture the procedures from the vendor or you already own a piece of equipment and the vendor training was inadequate. With APS, you can record any procedure from your Windows 10 tablet and add steps to the video with each step time stamped within the video, creating a Task Package.


Once Task Packages are created they are accessible in the moment of need. As procedures change revisions can be made immediately to reflect the new training requirements.

User Friendly

APS is designed to capture video and add context in real time. It is as simple as using a smart phone camera and typing on a keyboard.


Once APS is implemented it’s easy to scale up and expand. As the need for efficiency increases APS can be applied cross-functionally within the organization.

Why APS?

APS-Advance Performance Support-Step-by-Step-Procedures  Step-by-Step Procedures
APS allows a variety of users to create Task Packages consisting of a video and a list of detailed instructions.
APS-Advance Performance Support-Sharable  Sharable
APS seamlessly exports complete Task Packages to your company server and any tablet running APS can import and access the procedures.
APS-Advance Performance Support-Standardization  Standardization
When employees can access accurate procedural based micro learning in the moment of need this essentially removes tribal knowledge from the training.
APS-Advance Performance Support-StepbyStepProcedure  Paper Less
APS removes the need for paper work instructions and the headaches they create.

About Us

Disruck Development LLC developed APS based on over a decade of experience creating curriculum for automated equipment and seeing a void between instructor led, eLearning and On the Job Training (OJT).


Performance Support for the 21st Century

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